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Herman The German

Don’t let this smile fool you. Back in 2005… when I was still a virgin…

Guten Tag (Good Day), I’m B. Herman, but my friends call me Herman the German… When I was a single man, I had the same frustrations you may have right now… You may like this one special girl and you wish she’d be your girlfriend. Maybe you don’t know how to start a conversation with her or you may be friends with her already. But secretly, you love her. This is the story of my first crush. She was in my class and I’ll never forget her name: Maria…


What’s the name of the girl you’re thinking of right now? You know EXACTLY how it feels. She’s not just a name anymore; she’s become an emotion. And for me, that emotion was too much to bear. I had to tell her I loved her. But how?
We’d been close friends for a couple of years, but secretly, I wanted to be her boyfriend.
I wanted to tell her how I felt so I bought roses to impress her on Valentine’s day. But when the time came, I couldn’t get a single word out of my mouth. I was thinking about everything that could go wrong…imagining how my classmates would make fun of me.
I was too afraid to make a move, despite all my love and admiration for her.
But it wasn’t just Maria:

For years, I was seen as just a friend by every girl I liked…

…even though I could’ve been so much more. I’d really do everything for the girl I liked. I’d always reply to her messages… listen to her for hours on the phone in the middle of the night… even if it was about the last guy that broke her heart…


Maybe you’re also tired of seeing her dating this selfish a**hole? You know exactly who I’m talking about… we all know one… lucky bast*rd.
The guy who gets all the girls you want, without having to chase them… all the girls seem to be magically attracted to him. But why?
In fact, I never understood why a woman says one thing but means another.
Decoding Female Psychology

Why is a woman so complicated anyway?

She says “JUST BE YOURSELF” but when you are yourselfshe doesn’t want you


Then she asks “Why can’t I just find a nice guy like you?” while she’s always dating a**holes.
And I always think: Hello? I’m right here! Why can’t you see that I’m the perfect guy for you?!
But when you ask her out, she says: I don’t want to risk losing our friendship.

Even if I got lucky and went on a date…
Women stopped talking to me the very next day… why me? What did I do?

Whenever I went on a date with a woman, she’d thank me for the date but when I’d text her the next day, she wouldn’t reply. And on the rare occasion that she would, it would say…

Girl Replying To

If you’re familiar with this, keep reading…

I felt so frustrated and angry. I’d invest so much time and money to go on a date with someone who’d stop replying without even telling me why. It made no f*cking sense. I felt like less of a man…


I was determined to do anything to get a girlfriend, so…

I tried everything…

Everybody said, “just be yourself” and “be more confident”…but how?

Maybe you thought about trying the same things I did:

  • Workout to lose weight/build muscle, so she could see me as a strong man (but deep down, I still didn’t feel confident enough)

  • Dress better, get a nice haircut, and buy a BMW to impress her (but feeling like a fake because I wasn’t rich)

  • Get drunk to be more confident to talk to a beautiful woman in the club

  • Be a nice guy (doing favors for her hoping she’ll like me in return)

  • Hiring a professional photographer (that I could barely afford) just so I could have a chance at online dating

  • Pretending to have an amazing lifestyle by posting my holiday pics (we both know it happens only 4 weeks a year, at the most)

But to be honest… 

Not one single thing worked…

…I still couldn’t get a girl to like me and I couldn’t even get any responses online.

But still, I didn’t want to give up so I started doing the following:

  • I read over 414 books on social intelligence, psychology, and communication… on Kindle alone. At one point my credit card got banned from Amazon because of suspicious behavior… to be clear I didn’t finish all the books like marketing liars say they do… what matters is I used every book to find the specific information I needed and skipped the useless chapters.
Dating Advice

I was obsessed with Social Intelligence, Psychology, and Communication.
I thought this knowledge would make it easy for me to get and keep a girlfriend…

  • I took three loans (totaling €19,609.87) just so I could attend many self-help seminars. I didn’t even tell my family and friends about it because I was ashamed.
Dating Coaching
Relationship Coaching
Dating Coaching For Men
I was too ashamed to tell anyone that I took loans to pay for self-help seminars…


  • I went out for 3 months just to practice talking to women (in cafés, on the bus, and in stores, etc.) based on what I’d learned from self-help seminars and books.
  • One the weekends, I went clubbing ALONE just so I could talk to women without being distracted by my friends. 

I was OBSESSED… like there was nothing else for me

But I still felt miserable. Especially when I couldn’t even say “Hello” to a girl because I thought she was out of my league…

Despite putting in so much time, money, and effort I got zero results…

I was about to give up hope when something unexpected happened…

I tried things that were totally counter-intuitive…

Instead of listening to what everybody says…
I used my background in financial engineering.
Trading taught me that the number one mistake 95% of traders make is they let their emotions take over during important investment decisions. If people aren’t objective enough and make mistakes when it comes to money, imagine how MUCH LESS objective they are when it comes to dating.
Dating Engineer
Herman Dating Engineer

The knowledge that qualified me to work for Germany’s “Wall Street”
helped me uncover what really works with women…

This was my eureka moment: What if a vast majority of men fail because they can’t make objective decisions when it comes to their dating lives?

It’s not their fault they have a crush or are in love.
We’ve all known someone who was BLINDLY in love with someone right?
A man can’t solve a logical problem with an emotional decision.
I never thought of using my analytical skills… my “cold” German background to dating before.
I’m a certified financial engineer. I’m very analytical and logical. I’m German. I’m the opposite of romance and seduction and even though my dating-life suffered for years, I turned my weakness into a strength nevertheless.
German Dating Coach
As a certified German financial engineer, I’m the opposite of romance and seduction…
but my analytical skills and “cold” cultural background allowed me to study women objectively.

For 14 months, I spent at least 5 hours a day (more on weekends) talking to women in the streets of Düsseldorf and I kept track of all my discoveries in a daily journal. I skipped my uni classes, had no job, and lived off the money I got from scholarships and loans. 

German Dating Blueprint
Dating Blueprint
Every day for 14 months, I talked to women in the streets Düsseldorf
and kept track of what really does and doesn’t work.

I was able to coldly analyze hundreds of dating interactions to find the most recurring patterns. I realized the mistakes most men make, why they repel women, and what exactly a man must say and do instead…

My clients are living proof of this and they’re the true heroes
 here. I showed them the path but they mustered the courage to take action to achieve their dating goals.

To see what my students say about me: 
click here 

Successful Student
My client and I are talking to two girls we met outside the mall…
instead of rejecting us, they’re smiling and having a good time… my discoveries work!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s step back to the time I was talking to women and kept track of what I’d learned in my daily journal.

After 14 months of trial and error, my friends were getting impressed by my discoveries…

I could finally get women to say “yes” to me consistently when I’d ask them out.
And it wasn’t just a fake yes anymore; they really, deeply, and absolutely wanted to go out with me.
I’d receive messages like this constantly:
Dating Beautiful Women

She can’t wait to see me and show me her new “Stewardess Uniform”.

One day I woke up and realized… women were now chasing me… It became my new life and my friends started asking me how I did it…

How to get girls chasing you

Women started noticing me WITHOUT saying a word…

All kinds of women…from stewardesses to lawyers to massage therapists…

I was finally able to date an attractive woman almost anywhere and anytime.

In fact, women started to call me the German Dating Engineer.
And getting a woman became easy:
For example…
I’ve discovered a message that make almost any woman interested in you.   
Don’t take my word for it though, just try it. 🙂 
Click here and you’ll be forwarded to a page to receive a free template where you’ll find the message. 
This message alone will make you stand out from other guys… including the jerk she may be in love with right now… but who’ll never treat her as well as you do.
I still remember this story…
Hot Girls Chasing You
I had enough girls that I didn’t feel like taking pictures to brag to my friends anymore…
But she had a different opinion apparently. 🙂

This model-looking girl mocked me when I told her I’d figured out women… But of course, she was speechless after we had sex at my place… 🙂

Afterwards…Valerie, just asked me about why I understand women so well? So I told her everything I went through to date women.  She was impressed.


All of a sudden, Valerie mentioned her cousin – a genuine nice guy who has a crush on a girl from his office – and asked if I could just give him some tips. I agreed since I was in the same position not so long ago.
I texted him exactly what to say and what to do the next time he sees her…
A week later, he’d asked her out and she said yes! Valerie was so happy for him that she told me I should make a career out of it.
I thought it was a stupid idea at first…
But after seeing me go on dates with attractive women, my best friend begged me to show him how to do the same…
So I summarized my notes from all these months of trial and error and turned my discoveries into efficient step-by-step systems that help you to get and keep the woman you want (even if you’ve been too afraid to talk to girls in the past… or even if you’re still a virgin).
I called it Efficient Dating Systems Made in Germany


Dating System
Efficient Dating 1

Dating System

Efficient Dating System
Efficient Dating Systems

Made in Germany 

Efficient Dating Systems Made in Germany
Efficient Dating Systems Herman The German 1


Dating System
Advice to get a girlfriend

Dating System

Efficient Dating System
Advice to get a girlfriend

Made in Germany

Efficient Dating Systems Made in Germany
Dating Attractive Women
Become Her Man

The foundation, that Become Her Man: the first collection of Efficient Dating Systems Made in Germany, is built upon.

Some coaches will probably copy my methods later on… I always like to buy from the original but it’s up to you. I’m sure you can find cheaper coaches as well. But I only care about efficiency and efficiency has a price, right? My grandfather Ben always told me it’s better to buy the original Volkswagen Beetle at full price than it is to buy a cheap copy and then pay for constant repairs. You may save money today but it’ll cost you stress, time, and a lot more money tomorrow.

So I shared my discoveries with my best friend Phong…
Phong was so happy to finally go on dates with women he actually liked.
In fact, he was so happy he offered me money to thank me for all my help… All of a sudden, Valerie mentioned her cousin – a genuine nice guy who has a crush on a girl from his office – and asked if I could just give him some tips. I agreed since I was in the same position not so long ago.
Getting Girls
Dating Success
It worked not just for me but also for my best friend… He started to get the same results once I showed him exactly what to do…
Phong told me he has a feeling he attracts women automatically while talking to them. And he was surprised that women keep staring at him…

Once it worked for my best friend, I started to share my Systems with men all around the world.

I’ve been 
coaching clients in person for 10 years. I had no website, no YouTube channel, or any other online presence. The only way for me to make a living was if past clients referred other men to me.

So I made sure my teachings are efficient in getting clients the long-term results they’re looking for.

Check out the video of me coaching my client Timo in 2012…

8 years before I started building my online presence.

Timo applied what I taught him and went from overcoming his fear of starting a conversation with a woman to getting phone numbers and dates with multiple women

What worked for Timo back then will also work for you today…

For years, many of my clients really tried to convince me to make my knowledge accessible to the public but I never had the time to do it because I was too busy with in-person coaching. But then the coronavirus pandemic hit and while it was a shock at first, I saw it as an opportunity to finally make my knowledge available to as many people as possible.  

So why am I sharing my Efficient Dating Systems Made in Germany with you?

I have a confession to make:

When I was a kid, my English teacher always called me a loser for struggling in her class…and because of that I started to seek approval not just from her but from every woman.
So every time when I was rejected by a girl, I felt like a total failure.
I wish I had a time machine to share all my discoveries with my younger self…without spending a decade being rejected by girls to figure out what really works.
If I have a son I’ll teach him my Efficient Dating Systems Made in Germany.
Sadly, time travel doesn’t exist and I don’t have a son yet, but I can still help other men avoid the pain I felt…I wish someone would’ve helped me when I was trying to find a girlfriend.
That’s why I love the feeling of clients telling me about their success stories after using my Efficient Dating Systems Made in Germany. It feels great to make a living by changing someone’s life for the better…
Getting a date
My client Ken met a girl using my Efficient Dating Systems
while on holidays and couldn’t wait to tell me about it.
You won’t see me wearing a Rolex, driving a Lamborghini, or in a Youtube video with a bunch of girls around me (all paid actors of course). That’s because I’m a regular guy, just like you. Helping men gives me more than enough satisfaction and I’m not looking to make millions.

Your success is my job and a German takes his job very seriously.

Let me help you to get and keep an attractive woman…

To earn your trust, I’m giving you a template – at no cost to you (for now) – as an introduction to my Efficient Dating Systems. You’re going to learn 5 powerful psychological triggers every opening message needs to get almost any woman interested in you. 

Read this template carefully even if you’re already great at texting a girl or you’re currently in a relationship because it contains a powerful lessons that’s never been released publicly. The template will 
improve your current or future relationship.

To receive your template, click here
Anti Ghosting Template

I offer you a German appetizer – on the house (for now
 – so you can get a taste of Efficient Dating Systems. 🙂
For the proven template, 
click here.

Your Efficient Dating Advisor,
Herman The German
Herman The German 1