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How men like you got
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– even if they’ve been unsuccessful in the past

Meet the true heroes of the Efficient Dating Systems Made in Germany.


Over the last decade, I’ve had the privilege of coaching men with all sorts of backgrounds. Men from all over the world.


I showed them the path, but they mustered the courage to take action to achieve their dating goals.


Today you’ll meet some of them.



  • Practical insights to go from being single to dating and maintaining a relationship with the woman of your choice

  • Case studies of clients succeeding with women not only during coaching but also weeks, months, and even years later

  • A mini-documentary about one of my clients who went from overcoming his fear of starting a conversation with a woman to getting phone numbers and dates regularly

Let’s get you inspired…

“I was hopeless when it came to women. But after training I was able to go for girls I like without being afraid of anything. And as a 39 year oldI got married to my 26 year old dream woman. This is what happens when you get coaching with B. Herman.”

Nadira K, Civil Engineer, 39 years old, Brisbane, Australia

“With what you shared with me, I feel deep down that I’m enough.
I just feel masculine by being myself and women feel it and are attracted to it. Before I talked to a girl I felt rejected and afraid she’ll only like me for my money but now I feel she likes me for who I am. Thank you B. Herman I’m very grateful.”

Tony L, Entrepreneur, 30 years old, Paris, France

I’ve started to talk to random girls in public and I’m having fun while doing it. Instead of being stopped by my fear, I enjoy life and go on dates. Now time to celebrate 4th of July at the Playboy Mansion (when Hugh Hefner was still alive). Thanks for all the help!”

Vincent, Engineer, 29 years old, London, United Kingdom

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“B. Herman, I’m having trouble scheduling my week. Girls are asking me out! These are the girls that I had deep conversations about their dreams and desires. No one but you teaches how to connect so deeply with women. My problem now is I feel bad about having to turn women down.”

Oro R, Teacher, 28 years old, Hanover, Germany 

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It’s not about just getting a phone number from the girl you likeit’s about being your true self… the best version of yourself. I’m really happy I took the first step and trained with B. Herman.”

Timo P, Engineering Student, 21 years old, Aachen, Germany 

“I cannot believe how simple it is! I don’t understand why I wasted all my time to learn attraction theories if it’s just that simple. 

What my parents told me – just be yourself – is true but you just have to know how and then it’s so f*king simple.”

Sascha K, Physics Student, 23 years old, Hamburg, Germany 

No one will believe how shy I was and constantly worried what others will think of me. I cannot describe the transformation from shy guy to Mister Gent in words. I’m speechless! WOW! HALLELUJAH! If you consider taking a training with B. Herman,
just f*cking do it! I cannot thank you enough for giving me this life!”

Ken V, Technician, 29 years old, Gent, Belgium 

“The girl I like didn’t text me back for months… B. Herman just writes one short message and she’s answering 11 minutes later. What can I say?”

Sandy K, Business Manager, 34 years old, Zadar, Croatia 

“Thanks to my religious upbringing I had trouble connecting with women. Now that I know how to connect, I have no fear whatsoever when it comes to approaching girls. I don’t care what the situation is and who she’s with or what she’s doing. If I see a girl I like I’ll talk to her. I love you, you’re a legend!”

Jay P, IT Engineer, 35 years old, Sydney, Australia 

“I was stuck in my head about what can happen in social interactions but B. Herman showed me how to have fun talking to women. Going to a nightclub to meet women was unimaginable for me before training. But now I actually enjoy meeting women at nightclubs and I’m good at it.”

Konstantin K, IT Student, 23 years old, Berlin, Germany

I went from one to two dates a year to one or two dates a week. Changing from trying to impress to actually being the guy who wants to be impressed.”  

Ryan S, Banker, 28 years old, Heath and Reach, UK 

“I was depressed before training but for the last three weeks I’m happy as hell. Now I have two new girls in my life and I have different kinds of problems, as you can imagine. ;)”

– Kenneth P, Entrepreneur, 30 years old, Pärnu, Estonia 

“You are a genius my man. You should write a book on how to connect with women and sell it!”

Biren T (with his wife), Salesman, 35 years old, San Francisco, U.S.A

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“Right after training I met a Spanish super hottie easily. We went for a coffee date. We made out and we’re going out again tonight. Man I’ve never been with a girl that hot! I owe you big time!”

Karim E, Marketing Consultant, 26 years old, Cairo Egypt

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Before training, I couldn’t even sit alone in a cafe without constantly worrying about what others think of me. But last week I told the girl next to me at the beach that she looks sexy and then her boyfriend came and told me to leave. I didn’t care about the pressure of the situation and I just ignored him… a few minutes later, they got up and left!”

Mario K, 21 years old, Engineering Student, Innsbruck, Austria 

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“Training with you in Berlin was just mind blowing. A girl I liked from Bulgaria offered me to sleep over at her place after 20 minutes of talking to her. Another one offered me to go to her hotel room. WTF?! I couldn’t believe it and I thought it’s just that people are more open in Berlin but I get the same results at home as well. I can’t thank you enough!”

Benny B, IT Analyst, 23 years old, Bremen, Germany 

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“I have to share this with you. My life completely changed and I became a sociable guy who’s popular with women. The amount of attention I get from women… I never experienced anything like that. I’m really grateful because it was only possible because of you. Thanks man!”

Hichem S, Engineer and Consultant, 28 years old, Hanover, Germany

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“I remember how long I had to think to take training or not but it was the best decision of my life. Besides starting to date a beautiful woman I got the courage to start my own business. I just have a feeling of freedom and I don’t care what others think of me.”

Pawel G, Web Designer, 28 years old, Hamburg, Germany

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“B. Herman you help people transform because what you are teaching comes from a good place primarily. I believe you truly care. And your knowledge truly sets you apart from all the rest in the dating industry.”

Stefan C, Teacher, 29 years old, London, United Kingdom

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“After training for two days with Herman my entire world-view flipped upside down. When you stop caring about what other people thinkthe head games of why you shouldn’t talk to the girl you like just disappear. You become addicted to talking to girls instead. I just wanted to thank you Herman.”

Daniel H, Entrepreneur, 26 years old, Frankfurt, Germany

“You can read tons of theory and books but there’s nothing better than to try it yourself under B. Herman’s guidance. I met my current girlfriend during the training but my big AHA moment was the mental shift to let go of my fears.”

Julian P, Software Developer, 25 years old, Cologne, Germany

“I was afraid of rejection and what people thought of me. Now I have the courage to go after what I wantnot only girls but life in general. It feels awesome! I think when I’m 80 I will still remember my training and what it’s done for me. Thank you B. Herman.”

Robin K, Accountant, 27 years old, Amsterdam, Holland 

“I couldn’t stop smiling out of happiness after training. You can impress beautiful women and get them to go on dates with you by just being who you are. Who you are as a person doesn’t change but you just get the courage to express what you always wanted to say. Once you get it everything changes.”

Michael A, Insurance Salesman, 23 years old, Stuttgart, Germany 

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“Before I trained with B. Herman I felt small and insignificant around women. But now I feel confident that I can impress the girl I’ve always wanted by just being myself. I call it the Gift of Nore. In fact, I’m about to marry her right now. B. Herman, here’s your invitation.”

Nore E, Investor, 27 years old, Stockholm, Sweden

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