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The 6-6-6 Rule: how legit is it in dating?

The 6-6-6 Rule: how legit is it in dating?

Do all women really find a 6-6-6 man irresistible? Let’s find out… 

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The 6-6-6 Rule: how legit is it in dating?

The 3-second rule.

The 3-6-9 months rule.

And now the 6-6-6 rule for guys.

Dating seems to have more rules than Basketball, NFL, and Soccer combined. 

Some are useful, and others are made-up nonsense.

The question is under which category does the 6-6-6 rule fall?

So, in the next few minutes, I’ll show you how legit the 6-6-6 rule truly is. And what you can learn from it about attracting women. 

But first, let’s start with the basics:

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What is the 6-6-6 rule?

Apart from being the number of the devil, it’s a way to supposedly describe every woman’s dream man. He must have a 6-figure income, 6-pack abs, and be 6 feet tall. And depending on who you ask, he needs to also have a 6-inch penis and have 6 hairs on his head (not being bald). That’s why it’s called the 6-6-6 rule. 

So, let’s break it down piece by piece and see how legit it is. 

The 6-6-6 rule: fact or fiction?

6-figure income:

For gold-diggers wallet size is the most attractive attribute in a man. 

But are all women only interested in how much money a guy has? 

Let’s take a look at this video: 

You just heard it yourself. 

It’s not the money most women find desirable about rich guys. 

It’s the ambition to pursue your goals that women like. One study even suggests ambitious men produce a scent that women find very attractive. 

So as long as you’re not sitting on your a** and jerk*ng off all day, you’ll be fine. 

6-pack abs:

I blame Hollywood.

On TV, the guys with the six packs always get the chicks.

And there’s some truth to that. It’s easier to get a woman when you’re in shape. 

You’re demonstrating without words that you’re disciplined. Because it takes quite an effort to stay in Marvel Movie Shape. 

Women love disciplined guys. They are usually reliable, trustworthy, and dependable.

However, you don’t need to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger to show you have discipline. 

You can have a strong work ethic or keep your promises to her.

On top of that, studies have shown most women prefer the so-called dad-bod (normal shape) over a six-pack in men. 

6-feet tall:

Women prefer taller guys.

But it doesn’t mean as a short guy, you need to give up on women and become a monk.

She can look past your height, but she can’t look past your self-pity.

When you have a Not-Giving-a-F*ck Attitude about your height, she’ll respond positively:

A 6-6-6 rule man texting
My short client doesn’t see his height as a handicap and she loves it.

6-inch d*ck: 

What’s the most erogenous zone in the female body?

Her breast?

Her thighs?

Her pu**y? 

Nope, it’s her mind

Go to any bookstore and check out the romance novel section. 

Pick up a book and start reading.

It’s porn for the ladies. You won’t find pictures of guys d*cks in it. What you’ll see are stories to stimulate her mind. 

Why am I telling you this? 

Because if you know how to mentally turn her on, you don’t need a black mamba between your legs to get her off. 

6 hairs: 

Male pattern baldness.

Men spend around 20 billion dollars annually on hair transplants alone.

So many companies have a vested interest in making you feel self-conscious about your hair.

But do women care if you go bald or not?

Multiple studies have shown most women have a positive attitude towards bald guys. Especially if men are okay with being bald and are not trying to hide it.

Guess that explains why women find Jason Statham sexy. 😉

Now that we have covered why the 6-6-6 rule is bullsh*t, the question remains: 

Why is this rule so popular on the internet? 

Why do so many smart guys fall for the 6-6-6 myth

There are many reasons.

First, the 6-6-6 rule is based on the stereotypes of what women want from men.

Second, all the elements of the rule are easy to measure. This appeals especially to guys with an engineering background. We love to track and measure everything.

For example, if you have a 6 figure income, you’ll get the girl. That’s a simple benchmark to understand.

Third, it’s the perfect excuse to stay single:

“Look, I want to get a girl, but I don’t have 6-pack abs, a 6-figure income, and I’m not 6 foot tall. So no matter what I do, it won’t work.”

Don’t be like those guys.

Because with the right dating skills, you can beat any 6-6-6 poster child.

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What do you really need to get her hooked on you 

“Your bench-pressing skills are so sexy. Wanna go on a date?” – no woman ever.

When I was younger, I dieted and worked out like crazy to get six-pack abs. And when I finally had them, women didn’t approach me.

Being over 6 feet tall also didn’t help get any dates.

Plus, when I worked in an investment bank, my sperm jam was as high as my income. 

All those advantages were useless. 

Just like my dad used to say, even with a hooker you have to make the first move. 

If you know how to approach a woman and get her attracted, you’ll beat all the guys working on becoming a 6-6-6 man.

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Your Efficient Dating Advisor,

Herman The German 

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