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The 5 types of guys ALL women instantly ignore online. Are you one of them? Find out…

The 5 types of guys ALL women instantly ignore online. Are you one of them? Find out…

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The 5 types of guys ALL women instantly ignore online. Are you one of them? Find out…

On average a woman receives 15 new messages a day from single guys on Tinder.

This doesn’t include the messages that daily flood her social media inboxes. 

However, over 90% of these messages will just get ignored by her.

You see, most guys unwittingly make at least one of the 5 deadly texting mistakes I’ll show you today.

And in the words of many of my clients after reading this article: “Now I’m confident that I have a chance online.”

And so will you. 

So, for the next few minutes, keep your eyes peeled as it’ll save you from getting rejected online: 

1. Hulk

Angry message from a guy

“You bitch.”

The Hulk will insult her if the conversation doesn’t go his way. 

I get it. Dealing with women can be frustrating. It seems they often don’t know what they want. 

But insulting a woman is never the answer. 

Here’s why: 

First: Do you like to be insulted? 

Well, neither does she. 

You had a hard day at work and didn’t check your phone. Now a complete stranger insults you and demands you reply to him. 

I know my response if I were her: F*CK YOU!

Second: She’ll be afraid you’ll get violent with her easily in real life. 

2. Creep

A creepy text message

“Send me a picture of your feet, and you get $5.”

This is the second most common message an attractive woman will receive from guys online.

It can range from a sexual joke to an offer to pay her for sex.

The Creep gets his power because being online makes him anonymous. So he doesn’t fear rejection or consequences.

He also hopes if he sends his messages to enough women, one of them will react positively.

Why isn’t this working?

First: A woman feels harassed and creeped out straight away.

Those guys give her the feeling of being nothing more than a piece of meat.

It doesn’t work even if she’s not looking for a boyfriend and wants something casual instead.

To explain why it doesn’t work, let me ask you this…

Who takes a bigger risk from having sex: a man or a woman?


  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases


  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases  
  • Pregnancy (being left to raise a child by herself) 
  • Violence (on average, a man is physically larger and stronger than a woman) 

That’s why women have to trust you before letting their guard down and having sex with you. 

But how much she needs to trust you before sleeping with you differs from woman to woman. This is why some girls are okay to sleep with you after the first date, while others need 3 or more.

Tip: Look for signs that a woman is sexually attracted to you to figure out when she is ready to sleep with you. 

Second: Do you like it if someone spoils the end of a movie when it’s just begun? 

I hate people who do that.

You may be wondering what this has to do with dating.

Women want to be seduced.

There’s a reason why in romance novels and films, the events leading up to sex are always described in detail. For her, the build-up toward sex is more important than sex itself.

Does it mean you can’t talk sexually with a woman via text before you sleep with her

You can… as long as you do it in a non-creepy way and only after it’s clear the woman is comfortable with it.

That requires practice, so if you’re not sure how to do it, it’s better not to be sexual over text before you sleep with her. 

3. Novelist

Long text message

“Let me tell you my entire life story.”

Some guys write first messages that look more like a Dostoyevsky novel than a text message. The only problem is it shows her you’re too invested without knowing her. So her default is to ignore you.

Imagine for a second you’re the Novelist…

What does sharing your life story in the first message tell her about you? 

It shows you’re putting her on a pedestal. In others words, you have to qualify yourself in the hope she may choose you.

So why do guys still share too much information with her in the first message?

They think the more they tell a woman about themselves, the faster she can decide if she wants to date them.

They’re actually right.


You can achieve this effect by sharing good profile pictures (showing your hobbies, job, friends, etc.).

And having a Tinder bio that gives her a solid impression of what dating you would be like.

4. Hi-Guy

A man texting a lot of hi messages

“Hi 😀”

This is the most common message on Tinder. 

The Hi Guy expects a reply despite putting no effort into his first message.

Usually, it looks something like this:

  • A simple “hi”  
  • A smiley or a meme  
  • A generic compliment (lovely, cute, etc.)  
  • Asking her out straight away without getting to know her

He hopes that if he sends a simple message to enough women, one of them will reply.

Why are guys doing this?

1) Hi Guys often don’t know what to text and are afraid to screw up. So they prefer to keep it simple.

2) Relying on looks.

Most good-looking guys also fall into the Hi Guys category. They believe they can write “hi” and ask her out immediately because of their looks.

To be clear, if he’s good-looking and has great profile pictures, he’ll get a lot of matches.

But a match doesn’t guarantee a woman will reply to you.

A match only allows you to send her a message. 

What I’m about to tell you might change your perspective on online dating forever.

So read till the end before you call me crazy. I’ll show you good looks alone doesn’t guarantee success in online dating.

Do you think he’s the only good-looking guy she matched with on Tinder? 

Let me ask you: 


Will she see his message as soon as she’s matched with him?

98% of the time, she won’t.

The more time passes between a match and the first message, the higher the chance she’ll forget about him. Every day she’ll match with new guys. They’ll be texting her, occupying space in her inbox. And he’d be nothing more than a small circle somewhere in her inbox with “Hi” written next to his picture.

If he can’t make her open his first message and see his profile, how useful are his looks for getting her on a date?

That’s right, useless. 

5. Copy-Paste Man

Copy paste text

Most online pick-up lines fall under these categories:

  • Bragging (showing how picky you’re)  
  • A compliment that could apply to any woman (Cute-Cumber)  
  • Something outrageous, funny, a riddle, or a game to trigger her (a minor insult)

At first, it seems like a great solution because it promises guaranteed results with little effort.

But if you look closer at the effect of copy-paste messages, you’ll discover they do more harm than good.

Let me show you why:

First: If you’re using someone else’s message, do you think you’re the only one using it?

Especially if where you copied it from is a popular site.

The more guys use it, the less effective it is. 

Second: Let’s assume the copy-paste opener got her to reply. 

Now what?

Most likely, you have no idea how to continue the conversation. Suppose the message’s original author knows how to move forward. In that case, you must copy-paste all his follow-up messages.

This leads to two problems: 

1) The girl has to respond to your copy-paste message as predicted so you can send the next message.

If she goes off-script even a little bit, you won’t know how to react, and the conversation goes nowhere.

2) Let’s assume it works, and you got her to agree to a date.

When you start talking to her in person, don’t you think she’ll notice you don’t act as you did in your copy-paste messages? 

What are the chances you’ll get a second date? 

Quite slim.

And even if you manage to get into a relationship with her, you have to keep pretending to be someone you’re not.

You’ll constantly worry about her not loving you anymore if you let your guard down and show her your true self.

Your Efficient Dating Advisor,

Herman The German

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Guten Tag, I’m Herman the German, original inventor of the Efficient Dating Systems Made in Germany.

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