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Game, Set, Match: A simple Tinder bio for guys that will make women swipe right consistently

What Tinder bio will get you more matches than you can handle? And what bio will make you smash your phone out of frustration? In this article, you’ll find out what does or doesn’t work when it comes to creating a bio women can’t ignore…

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Game, Set, Match: A simple Tinder bio for guys that will make women swipe right consistently

Type… delete… type… delete… type… delete. Is this okay? Doesn’t it sound too needy? Writing a Tinder profile bio can be quite a daunting task. 

But what if it doesn’t have to be this way? What if, by magic, you could simply write a great tinder bio to get matches and make some women text you first, even complimenting you on your bio? 

If you have a great profile bio like my client, some women will text you first and compliment you on it.

This is exactly what I’ll show you today. You’ll discover 3 clever Tinder bios that I personally use to get more matches for myself. But before I show you my Tinder bio examples, let’s first look at what most guys do wrong, so you can avoid making the same mistakes as them.

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These 5 bio mistakes can cost you all your matches 

1. Being too sexual 

Avoid talking about sex or making a dirty joke in your bio.

Even if you’re just trying to be funny, avoid making dirty jokes or writing anything sexual in your bio at all costs. You see, everything that can be misunderstood will be misunderstood in your bio. 

So if you write something sexual, women will simply assume that you’re creepy or that you ain’t getting any.

2. Bragging 

Don’t try to impress a girl or talk about how selective you’re in your bio. Instead of being seen as a “high-value” man, it makes you simply look weak and needy.

Many different coaches and dating experts tell you that you must portray yourself as a “high-value man” to get matches and dates on online dating platforms. And they’re partially right about it. But what they get wrong is the way how to do it. You never brag or write in your bio how “selective you are”… this is something that guys that don’t get female attention do. And women can see right through this act. 

It’s the difference between a guy who rents a Lamborghini for a day to pretend to be rich or Bill Gates driving around in an old Volkswagen Beatle. Bill doesn’t need a Lamborghini to show off his wealth because he knows how rich he is. 

The same goes for online dating. A guy who gets tons of matches and texts with a lot of girls will not talk about it in his bio. Because he is too busy texting with women, and if he doesn’t like a particular one, he will simply not reply to her.

3. Revealing too much information

If you want to get more matches, you don’t want to reveal everything about yourself in your bio.

Don’t share your entire life story on Tinder because it kills all mystery about you. It’s like if you would see a movie trailer and the trailer gives away everything that will happen in the movie. Would you still watch it? I guess not. 

4. Trying way too hard to impress her

Tinder-Bio-For-Guys-Bragging Profile
If you try extremely hard to make yourself look good, then women will assume you are not getting any female attention.

It’s quite similar to bragging, but there’s a slight distinction. If you try too hard to show how funny, amazing and picky you’re, then it demonstrates to women that you probably aren’t getting too much female attention. 

The subconscious conversation they have in their heads goes something like this: “He seems to try really hard, so girls seem not to like him. Why do they not like him? What’s wrong with him?” 

You want to avoid triggering this conversation at all costs. 

5. Leaving the profile bio almost empty

If you have good pictures, you’ll still get matches even if you don’t write anything in your bio. But you could get way more if you don’t leave it empty.

If your profile pictures are great, then you’ll still get matches even if you don’t have a profile bio. That being said, if you have a relatively decent profile bio, you will still get more matches than without a profile bio. 

Having no bio at all just shows that you’re simply lazy as hell. It shows to some women that if you don’t even take 5 minutes to write something about yourself, you must be pretty unreliable. In their head, you will probably be late for the date or not show up at all. So why take the risk and match with you instead of going for another guy? 

On Tinder, according to Statista, only 24,2% of all users are women. So for women, it’s easy to just go for another guy. Now that we talked about what mistakes guys make, it’s time to check out 3 of my best tinder bios you can use today to get more matches. 

3 Good Tinder bios for guys to get more matches

1. The Funny Bio

A funny bio works very well, but it requires some effort to create a good one.

The first type of bio you can create for yourself is a funny bio. But I only recommend you to write a funny one if you have some female friends to ask their opinion about it. 

The problem is that often what you and your guy friends find very funny won’t be funny for women. There are even studies about how both genders have different senses of humor. So if you want to write some funny Tinder bios,  you should always get some female feedback if they’re any good. 

But don’t worry if you’re unsure if you have a good sense of humor regarding women, then the next two bios will work better for you.

Bonus Tip: If you’re a tall guy, then you can mention it as a P.S. in your bio. But if you’re short, then just leave your height out. 

2. The Efficient Bio

Keep it short and sweet. Simply say that you don’t know what to write in your bio, plus invite her to make the first move. It’s counterintuitive, but it works.

This bio is really easy to write. You just admit that you’re not sure what to write in your bio and invite the women to contact you. I know this goes against traditional bio-writing advice, but it’s efficient, and it works. Here’s why: 

It makes you stand out among all the guys that brag, make sexual jokes, try too hard, leave their bio empty, or write novels about their lives. And on an app where you compete against the other 76.8% of male users looking for someone, standing out can mean the difference between no matches or so many matches that you don’t have time to text them all.

3. The Interesting Fact Bio

Admitting a random fact about yourself is a great way to spark a woman’s interest.

Last but not least, this is my best Tinder bio because it’s simple to create and very effective. Here’s how to write the Interesting Fact Bio:

  1. Say you’re not sure what to write in your bio…
  2. Follow up by sharing one unknown fact about you, for example: “I’m afraid of heights, but I still went skydiving once.” Preferably you share a weakness of yours and how you overcame it. It demonstrates that you’re an honest guy with nothing to hide.
  3. Tap yourself on the back because now you have a unique bio that no one else on the planet has.

Bonus Tip: You can end your bio with an invitation that makes it as easy as possible for her to contact you first. Believe it or not, most women constantly worry about making texting mistakes.

Just check out the videos from Matthew Hussey, the leading female dating coach, and you’ll see his texting videos get millions of views from women all around the world. So if you tell her that all she needs to do is send you a “Hi,” then some women will text you first on Tinder.

As you can see, there are many ways to write a bio to get more matches on Tinder. But even good tinder bio lines written by Hemmingway himself will not get you matches if your profile pictures suck. So work on your pictures first before you improve your bio. 

What to text your new match?

Congrats, your profile bio attracted a new match. But now what? What should you text her, so you don’t let your match and a potential date go to waste? 

Don’t worry; I got your back. I wrote an article that will show you exactly how to start a conversation on Tinder and make her interested in you. 

Your Efficient Dating Advisor,

Herman the German


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