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The Tinder Algorithm decoded: get more likes and matches with these hacks in 2024

The Tinder Algorithm decoded: get more likes and matches with these hacks in 2024

Today, we’ll crack the algorithm code. We’ll uncover how it works, and more importantly, how you can use it to get noticed by more women. 

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The Tinder Algorithm decoded: get more likes and matches with these hacks in 2024

It’s the most overlooked step in online dating. 

Most men focus on improving their profiles and texting abilities to get dates on Tinder. But they forget to ensure that as many women as possible see their profile. 

This is where the Tinder algorithm comes into play. Think of it as a very strict bouncer. It decides who gets in or not to check out your profile. 

So, it’s essential to be best friends with the algorithm. 

The more it likes you, the more women it’ll introduce you to. 

You’ll discover:

  • How the algorithm exactly works 
  • 12 Factors that will make or break your chances of getting matches with attractive women
  • 5 quick hacks you can use to get noticed by more women starting today

Alright, let’s get more matches on Tinder.

How does Tinder’s Algorithm work?

Tinder’s algorithm judges your profile based on many factors and gives you an Elo Score. That score will decide how many users will or won’t see your profile in their swipe deck. The algorithm does that without telling you your score and how to improve it.

How the Elo Score is exactly calculated is Tinder’s most guarded secret. 

But you don’t need a PhD in computer science to understand the algorithm. All you have to do is follow the money. 

Tinder is basically a remote nightclub. And we all know how nightclubs work: 

No women inside = no men buying tickets and drinks

This means despite the bulk of their revenue coming from men, their number #1 priority is to keep the female users happy.

And this won’t change anytime soon, considering Tinder has far more male than female users: 

Statistics about the Tinder Algorithm
With way fewer female users (according to Statista), the primary focus of Tinder is to keep women happy so men pay for a chance to meet them.

Meet your new, evil friend: the Tinder Algorithm

The Tinder algorithm gives zero sh*its about you. 

The algorithm is designed to help Tinder make the most money off you and other single men. Men who pay for the chance to meet attractive women without risking an actual rejection. It primarily preys on older men.

Tinder knows that older men earn more, feel more lonely, and are willing to spend more on dating. So they charge older men extra for their services. 

It’s how most of Tinder’s revenue is generated:

Revenue generated from the Tinder Algorithm
Look who’s breaking sales record after sales record (according to Sensor Tower).

Tinder secretly roots for you to fail. 

It prefers you keep swiping, texting, and staying on the app. God forbid you would get a date and leave the app. That would lead to Tinder stop making money. 

That’s their business model: They don’t want you to get dates but to sell you Hopium. 

This sucks. 

But there are still ways to beat the system and get the algorithm to work for you and not against you. 

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12 Factors that make or break your success of getting matches with attractive women

You need to get Tinder’s algorithm on your side to get more matches.

How do you do that?

Show you’re a male user who makes attractive women want to use the app. In other words, you must convince the algorithm you’re a catch.

Then, your profile will be shown to more women so you can get more matches.  

Here are some of the factors that the algorithm considers when deciding if you’re a catch or not:

  1. How many female users are you swiping right on?
  2. How many users do you like that like you back?
  3. How many women, in general, are swiping right or left on you?
  4. How high is the score of the female users who like your profile?
  5. How many replies do you get to the first messages you send?
  6. How long is your average chat? 
  7. Are women unmatching you?
  8. Are women reporting you? 
  9. How high is the quality of your images?
  10. How often do you use the app, and at what times?
  11. The physical distance between two users (likelihood of meeting).
  12. The age difference between two users (likelihood of staying together).

Sounds boring, right? 

So, let’s look at how you can shamelessly take advantage of these 12 factors to get more matches. 

5 Quick Tinder algorithm hacks to improve your Elo Score

There are many ways to improve your Elo Score.

Some require more work than others. So I wanted to give you five quick ways you can use almost instantly:

Hack #1: Swipe from different locations (on the bus, at work, traveling at home)

Hack #2: Don’t swipe right on every profile; be picky.

Hack #3: Take at least 4 seconds before you swipe left or right. The algorithm rewards you if you prove that you’re picky.  

Hack #4: Text every match you get

Hack #5: Don’t unmatch anyone

Do this, and you’ll most likely see improvements.

I say most likely because sometimes, just a few hacks or even changing your entire profile won’t be enough. 

Your score might be so low that it’s beyond repair. If that’s the case, you have only one option left:

Delete Tinder and start with a fresh, new profile.

Quick warning: Tinder isn’t a fan of letting guys start fresh. So, if you do it incorrectly, you might get banned for life. 

But don’t worry, I got your back. 

Here’s how to delete and reinstall Tinder the safe way: 

How to reset your Tinder Account without getting permanently banned

Starting with a clean slate might be a good idea in the following cases: 

1) If you didn’t link your profile to your Facebook, you can’t change your name or age.

2) If you had the app installed for a long time but didn’t use it much

(Tinder rewards active users).

3) If you want to start fresh with a new account.

4) To get the beginner’s boost for a brand new profile. It lasts 24-48 hours, so resetting your profile on a Sunday afternoon is best.

5) You got blocked by Tinder.

6) You’re shadow-banned – Meaning you broke community guidelines.

Tinder Algorithm Shadowban warning
The principal wants to speak with you because you broke the guidelines. 
But don’t worry. There’s a way to avoid Tinder’s detention, a.k .a. shadowban. 

Just so that you know… 

If you delete your account, everything you already paid for (Boosts, your membership, etc.) will be lost.

Also, Tinder isn’t a fan of letting guys delete and reinstall the app. You can get shadowbanned if they find out you do it too often. To be safe, you can delete the app and wait 92 days before reinstalling it. 

According to Tinder’s privacy policy, they must delete all the information they have on you after 3 months. 

But if you don’t want to wait that long, there are ways around this. 

How to restore your Elo Score today 

Step #1: Delete your account

How to delete the Tinder Algorithm

Click the delete account button (not pause).

Tinder will ask you for a reason. Pick “you already found someone” (the heart symbol). Tinder isn’t a fan of the other options. It doesn’t want to reward its users for reinstalling the app whenever they feel like it. 

So don’t click on them. 

Step #2: Uninstall the app from your phone

How to uninstall the Tinder Algorithm

It’s not enough to delete your profile.

You also have to uninstall the app from your phone.

Step #3: Delete the connection between Tinder and your Facebook account

How to delete the Tinder Algorithm from Facebook

If you connected your FB with Tinder, you have to delete that too:

1: Go to Settings

2: Click on Apps and Homepages

3: Pick Tinder and hit the delete button

Step #4: Reinstall the app somewhere else besides your home

You can do it at work, at a coffee place, or use a program that allows you to change your IP address.

You may have to get a new phone, but from my experience, it’s unnecessary unless someone is a repetitive violator of Tinder’s community guidelines.

There’s a rumor that Tinder has a particular blacklist for repeat offenders, but I can’t

confirm it yet.

Step #5: Get a new phone number and/or a new Facebook account

Use a new phone number. 

Just get a pre-paid SIM card. Don’t use a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone number like Google or Skype offers. Tinder’s starting to crack down on them. They may work now.  

But you may get blocked in the future if Tinder realizes you’re using a VoIP number.

Step #6: Use a different credit card

If you want Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus, you must use a new Google Play account, Apple ID, or credit card.

Avoid any payment details that could link you to the old account.

Step #7: Upload new pictures 

Use pictures that are not the same as those on your old account. 

Tip: If you want to use your older pictures, you can crop them slightly, as in the example above. This way, Tinder will think it’s a completely new picture.

Step #8: Use a different name and slightly change your birthday 

This step is optional. 

From my experience, it isn’t necessary. But if Tinder has warned you about violating their guidelines, it’s a good idea to do it. 

You can use a nickname and change your birthday by a few days and months. 

So you’ve got more matches, now what? 

Your Efficient Dating Advisor,

Herman The German

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