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What's the best time to use Tinder Boost? The only times you should consider boosting and why

What's the best time to use Tinder Boost? The only times you should consider boosting and why

So you want to make the most out of Tinder Boosts? Time is important, but so is your profile. Keep reading to discover how to avoid wasting your money and make boosts your best friend to get more matches and dates

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What’s the best time to use Tinder Boost? The only times you should consider boosting and why.

„Herman, what’s the best time to use Tinder Boost?“ 

My answer: hahahahahaha

Here‘s the reason behind my devilish laughter:

Not everybody should use a Tinder boost.

So the first question becomes: should YOU use it?

This is a key question before thinking about the best time to use a boost on Tinder.  

Why? Because I don’t want you to waste your hard-earned money and rather spend it to eat delicious ramen–together with your next date. What a real gentleman I am, right? 

Table of Contents

What exactly is a Tinder Boost?

In a few words: a Tinder boost helps you get your profile shown to more women for 30 minutes. In fact, Tinder states you’ll get 10 times more profile views while your boost is active. 

By the way, when you sign up for Tinder, you also receive a “newbie boost” to help you set your feet on the ground running. Why? Because Psychology says if you have an excellent instant experience, you’re more likely to stick to the app.

Anyway, you probably used the app for a while now. So this doesn’t apply to you. 

Does a Tinder Boost actually work?

A Tinder Boost works if you take the time to make your profile swipe-worthy. Yes, this involves taking good photos and crafting a great Tinder bio. Why? Think of your profile as a store window—a store window where you present yourself to women passing by.

best time to use tinder boost wrecked room min
Would you enter a store like this? I dare you to get inside and see if you like it. 
The same applies to your online dating profile. Make it look appealing first. 

Not a single woman will enter your store if what you present in your store window doesn’t look appealing. You first need to make sure your store window is attractive to women. So boost your profile before thinking about using Tinder Boost.

Otherwise, a Tinder boost won’t help you get more matches because there is nothing to boost other than your expenses for dating apps. But don’t fret; I also included tips on improving your Tinder profile and bio later in this article. 

To summarize: a boost might be worthwhile if you’re already getting at least 1-2 matches each day

Tinder Boost vs. Super Boost

There’s also another type of boost. A boost that’s designed to give you even more views. A boost made to rule over them all. A boost that’s so super they named it… the SUPER BOOST.  

Legends say it attracts more eyeballs than a naked woman in a shopping mall on Black Friday. 

And the best part? You can ignore it. Because if your profile is good, a regular Tinder boost will make more women swipe right than you’d imagine. No need to transfer all your hard-earned money to some silicon valley guy. With that being said…

What’s the best time to use Tinder Boost?

Let’s get to the meaty part: When is the best time to use Tinder Boost? To answer this question, take a look at the following graph: 

Without sciencing this to death, this graph shows the app activity of 
logged-in users by the hour for Tinder and OKCupid (source)

The Nielsen Company tracked and analyzed dating app activity throughout the day. In this Graph, particularly Tinder and OKCupid.  

As you can see, the best time to use Tinder Boost is between 8 to 10 pm. That’s where most Tinder users are active during the day. Also, note the high app activity on OkCupid at 9 in the morning. If you’re an active user of OkCupid, this might be a good time to set a date for after work. 

Anyway, if you were looking for a simple solution, there’s your answer. Use your Tinder boost from 8 to 10 pm, and you’ll be good. This applies to any other dating app as well. 

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The worst time to use Tinder Boost

The graph doesn’t only tell us the best time to use Tinder Boost, but also when NOT to boost on Tinder. Refrain from using Tinder boosts extremely early in the morning or during early evenings since most Tinder users sleep or work during those times. 

Now that you know the worst and best time to use Tinder Boost… 

What about the best day to use a Tinder Boost? 

Let’s take a look at how you can take even further advantage of your boost:  

Thirsty Thursdays 

There’s a reason I call them thirsty Thursdays. Because it’s the best day of the week. As the weekend approaches, many single women are looking to schedule a date instead of being alone. 

So unless you have fixed plans for the weekend, using a boost on a Thursday evening could be your best investment for the week. 

Sunday vibes

Unless you visit the church on a Sunday, you probably look at your smartphone, swiping left and right. And so do many women. Next to Thirsty Thursdays, Sundays are among the best days to use a boost since many women relax at home. Give it a try. 

It’s raining chicks, hallelujah, it’s raining chicks

Bad weather? Don’t let it ruin your day. Get a boost instead. Why? Because dating app activity spikes during bad weather days. For example, Bumble reports an increase in app activity of 20%-40% during a storm. 

And do I have to tell you that bad weather is also the best excuse to meet her straight at your or her place for some Netflix’n’chill? So the next time your weather app announces a bad rain or snowfall, stand up and thank the gods of storm and thunder for sending you their blessings. 

When Online Dating goes viral: the pandemic

I’ll let you decide on this one (if we ever get into this situation again). But the fact is, app activity went through the roof during the pandemic. So if you’re looking for someone to isolate together with… this will be your chance. 

But wait, there’s more…

Experiment with different times

Since most people will use a boost during peak hours, you’ll compete with them. Instead, you could experiment with using boosts during other times of the day. 

It can pay off to be the biggest fish in a smaller pound. For example, another great time would be around 12 to 2 pm when most women are on lunch breaks.

Try a different location

Some guys have bad luck with getting matches from home. If that’s you, you can try using a boost in a different location and start swiping there. 

For example, you could swipe at work (just don’t get caught). Or, if your work is near your home, visit a friend who lives in a different area and start swiping there.  

Got some free time? 

If you’re waiting for the train or just want to kill some time, using a boost can yield great results if done right. In this case, start swiping and reply to your matches immediately. Why? Because this alone can increase your chances of getting a reply. And who knows, you might end up with a date by the end of your trip.  

So is a Tinder Boost worth it?

man in front of a laptop wondering about the best time to boost on tinder

It depends. As I said, improve your profile before using a Tinder boost. This alone will get you enough matches to work with if done right. 

But getting more matches shouldn’t be your main concern either. Since you also need to turn those matches into dates, having a solid understanding of how Online Dating works should be your main goal. 

So before you consider spending money for a boost, get some results first. Otherwise, Tinder boosts will be worthless to you. But don’t fret; your prince charming, Herman, is here to help you with that too. 

3 Tips for a magnetic Tinder Profile

Let’s pimp your profile to make women pay attention to you. If anything, creating a better profile is the real Super Boost, especially if you currently have no matches on Bumble, Tinder or any other dating app out there. 

The most important picture on your profile

First, your photos greatly influence whether girls swipe left or right on you. The best tip I can give you is to use a close-up portrait of yourself with a blurry background. Full focus on you. If you can, show at least a bit of a smile. 

Generally, close-up pictures tend to get the most attention. So you want to spend your most time getting a fantastic portrait of yourself. 

A simple bio you can write in minutes

Second, your bio. There are various types of bios you can use. Also, even a shitty bio will work if your pictures are amazing. Your bio has only one job–to continue what your pictures started. In other words: tell the woman how it would feel to date you. 

One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is to write about a simple fact about yourself that no one else (or only a few) people know about you. 

Example: “I really enjoy hiking… but I’m afraid of heights. What’s your Kryptonite?”. Or, if you want to be funnier, here’s a version I used myself: 

screenshot of a tinder bio to get better results when using the best time to use tinder boost

The most underrated tip for more matches on Tinder

Third, and probably the most underrated tip, is the Tinder algorithm. This is not just true for Tinder but for dating apps in general. Because what brings you the greatest profile if the Tinder algorithm hates you?

No woman will ever see your profile if that’s the case. So how do you please the holy algorithm?

For example, get women to reply to your first messages. This shows the algorithm you’re not some weirdo but can interact with women on the app. 

So there you go. Now you know the best time to use Tinder Boosts and how to get more matches.

Your next steps to dominate Online Dating

Here are some additional resources and articles to help you: 

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