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13 Ways to compliment a girl’s eyes: the good and the horrible ones

13 Ways to compliment a girl’s eyes: the good and the horrible ones

Compliments can have a lasting impact if done right. Today, you’ll discover how to compliment her eyes without triggering her douche-o-meter…

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13 Ways to compliment a girl’s eyes: the best and the worst 

“Yeah, sure.”

That’s the first thought that went through my mind after reading some online articles about complimenting a girl’s eyes.


“Your eyes are so big and incredibly beautiful.”

This is the type of cringe compliment you say when you want to land in the friend zone–guaranteed. 

And if you’re lucky, you might see blue lights and handcuffs around your wrists.

Does that mean you can’t give compliments to women?

Absolutely not. 

You just need to be smart about it and know how and when to use them.

So here they are: 13 ways to compliment a girl’s eyes without triggering her douche-o-meter.

Table of Contents

When to compliment a girl’s eyes

Compliments can be a great way to start a (text) conversation.

Other types of compliments are suitable when you’re in a relationship. 

The key is to understand what’s good and what’s straight garbage. 

If you use a compliment to start a conversation with a girl for the first time, you immediately show her your intention. She’ll know what you’re after, and you won’t have to think about how to get out of the friend zone later on (if done right, of course). 

Other compliments, like “Every time I feel down, I look into your eyes to feel better,” would be complete overkill and deem you a weirdo forever. 

These are the ones you’d only say in a relationship…



If you want to prank your girlfriend or wife. 

How to compliment a woman’s eyes without sounding creepy

Don’t break this rule:

Don’t stare at her breasts if you want to compliment her eyes.

Better: maintain strong eye contact when complimenting her eyes. 

NEXT, it’s crucial how you transition from compliment to conversation, especially if you’ve used a compliment to start a conversation.

If that’s the case, the simplest solution would be to introduce yourself. 

Or say: “Hey, I’m not sure what to say next… I’m Herman; nice to meet you.”

That’s it for the basics.


13 ways to compliment her eyes

Now that we have the basics out of the way let’s get practical. 

Here are 15 compliments you can say about a girl’s eyes:  

1. Be direct AF

If you’re inexperienced, don’t use this.

But a direct and specific compliment about a girl’s eyes is better than something vague and generic. I know there are a lot of debates going on about toxic masculinity and what not. 

But the fact remains: women want to feel desired. 

And if you can compliment her about her attractiveness without being a creep, you have a recipe to spice up any interaction with a woman.


“You have sexy eyes”

Better, hotter, stronger:

… nothing. It’s almost impossible to give an exact example since these compliments are highly situational. Anything generic would sound fake.

So, instead of giving you a word-by-word line and risking my site getting banned, you must remember to be specific when using such a direct compliment. Which brings me to…

2. Be specific

Here’s a secret for you:

The best compliments are specific, genuine, and tell her how you feel. And if you can, explain why you like her eyes. 

What caught your attention? Did she put extra effort into her makeup around her eyes? Let her know so it’s not just another random compliment that even her dog could give her. Plus points if you can explain how it makes you feel.

Bad example: 

“The look of your eyes makes me melt.” sucks. Don’t use.


“Whenever I look into your eyes, I forget what I wanted to say…can you help me? Ask me something.”

“I really like the way you [detail about eyes]… it looks good/sexy/attractive on you… I think I’m getting nervous.” 

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3. Appreciate her feminine side

Did you ever notice?

Sometimes, looking at a woman, you feel this feminine ‘energy.’ It feels comforting… almost relaxing. 

Other times, it may be her voice. It makes you feel something. It’s hard to describe. 

And sometimes, it can be her eyes. 

You can compliment her on that.


“You have charming eyes” is simple but non-specific.


“I always feel this pulse of feminine energy whenever I look into your eyes. Please let me know if I start blushing.”

4. Show her your Social Intelligence

The first three compliments are pretty direct.

And this one will be even more.

But in a good and unique way. I promise, almost no other guy is using this. 

Wanna hear it?

Here you go: 


“I know it’s 2024, and I probably shouldn’t be saying this… but your eyes are very sexy.”

“This may come off as rude… but the look of your eyes is just incredibly sexy.” 

See what we did here?

We acknowledged a potential concern or societal boundaries before complimenting her. Doing so shows her you have social intelligence, making your compliment more acceptable. 

You can use this hack whenever you think a compliment might come off too strong. 

One of my French clients told me it’s a crime to approach women in public in France. 

He took advantage of this situation by saying:

“I don’t want to get into jail for saying this… but I think you’re absolutely gorgeous, and I’m willing to risk my freedom to say hi.”

Talk about letting her feel desired… Can it get any better than this? You decide. 🙂 

5. Compliment her eyes and smile at the same time 

Did you know?

A genuine smile comes from the eyes, not your lips. If you watch closely, you’ll see a big difference around the eye area when someone genuinely smiles. 

It causes specific muscles to contract. Compliment her when you spot it.

a real vs a fake smile of a woman visible by her eyes


“I love how your eyes shine when you genuinely smile.”

6. Compliment the shape of her eyes 

This one is tricky.

You might want to skip this one when talking to Asian women, for example (unless you’re good with compliments.)

You can still use it if you’re specific and give her a reason why…

This might take some practice, but it can still be powerful if done right.

If in doubt, use the technique described in compliment #4. 


“The shape of your eyes always looks so cute when you’re being surprised.” 

Here, the compliment is situational. This makes it more believable and less generic. 

7. Compare her eyes to famous people

Lots of women compare themselves to other women.

Celebrities and influencers included.

So comparing her smile to someone famous can be good as well. 

Or it can be more indirect:


“You’d sell a million magazine covers with your eyes.” 

8. Tell her what you see when you look into her eyes 

Pick one character trait you think or know she has and say that you can see it in her eyes. 


“You have the most caring eyes.”

She’ll probably ask you why. Let her know. Don’t use this compliment if you can’t give her a reason why. 

9. The hopeless romantic

Only use this if you’re in a serious relationship with her.

Otherwise, it’s neither funny nor good as a compliment.

If anything, it will catapult you into the weirdo zone immediately. 


“When I look into your eyes, I fall in love with you all over again.”

Compliments you should avoid at all costs

We now enter the danger zone. 

For the sake of your happiness, don’t use any of the following compliments.

10. Compare her eyes to your mum or sister

She’ll think you’re a freak. 

A disgusting one. 

11. Talk about her wrinkles

No woman wants to be reminded that she’s aging.

And one of the first wrinkles women usually see is around their eyes. 

12. Saying she only has eyes for you 

“You only have eyes for me.”

If you want to be seen as the most arrogant asshole in town, you use compliments that aren’t compliments. 

Advanced compliments: how to stir her emotions

13. Use sexual tension 

Most compliments don’t hit deep. 

But if you give her that classic ‘butterflies in the stomach and chest’ feeling?

Now we’re talking. 

You do that by adding sexual tension to your compliments.

For starters, maintain firm eye contact when complimenting her, and don’t move your head or fidget with your arms and legs. Every movement you do reduces the impact of your eye contact.  

Also, keep your voice tonality low. 

Of course, there is much more to this, and I already wrote an entire article on this topic.

(Check it out here: how to create sexual tension with any woman)

How to compliment a girl’s eyes over text

There is no difference between text and in-person compliments. 

You can use any of the compliments we’ve discussed so far. But I use it the most when starting a text conversation.

Like in this example: 

screenshot of text message complimenting a womans eyes on Tinder

I have many more examples of text conversation starters inside my conversation starter template. You can download it for free. 

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