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Where to meet women (aside from clubs and online dating)

Where to meet women (aside from clubs and online dating)

Most guys try their luck at online dating or going to clubs to meet women. But there are better ways, especially if you’re shy.

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Where to meet women (aside from clubs and online dating)

All it takes is one pill. 

I’m not talking about viagra or ecstasy. 

But I’m sure you watched or heard about the movie “Limitless.” 

In this movie, the main actor takes a pill to drastically increase his brain capabilities. 

Usually, you can only access around 10% of your full brain power. 

But by just popping a pill, he was able to access 100% of his brain. 

Basically, becoming a genius for several hours and using it to his advantage… doing things most people would never be able to do. Reaching a state where no one could keep up with him. 

When it comes to the question of where to meet women, it’s kind of the same. While most guys try their luck doing the same thing as anyone else, barely do men explore options outside the norm.

So just like the actor in Limitless, you can be limitless in your options to meet girls in any situation, whereas most other guys will only use the 10%, namely, online dating and their social circle, or if they’re drunk enough, the club. 

With that being said, here’s your dating pill to limitless ways to meet women.

(Read on an empty stomach only). 

Table of Contents

Where to meet women: the top 10 ways to meet single women

Here are 10 ways to meet women:

1. The Gay Hair Dresser Hack

Where to meet women – 1. The gay hair dresser hack

Don’t let this title fool you.

Fact is: gay guys have many female friends. 

Hot female friends. 


Not only that, they also know which of them is single and looking to meet a guy.

And just like it’s easier to get to know new people when getting introduced by a friend, so is meeting women.

The Gay Hair Dresser Hack is simply about befriending your gay hairdresser or any other gay guy. One of my students used this hack by befriending a waiter at a sushi restaurant.

He simply cracked some jokes with the waiter and asked to connect with him before he left the restaurant. Within one week, the waiter invited him to join a karaoke party with a bunch of other women.

So how can you befriend a gay guy and enrich your social circle with single women (even if you think you’re not funny)?

The best way is to do him a favor. Offering a helping hand. Making him feel good for a minute or two…

Just kidding hihi. 

I mean, genuinely help him with something, of course. Reason being: Psychology says that if you help a person out in any way, this person is more likely to return the favor.

There are two ways to achieve this:

  1. Listen to what he says: He may need help or is looking to solve a problem. In this case, you might know the solution or can connect him to someone who might help him.
  2. Offer your help for free without him asking for it: In other cases, you might be the one who could help him.

For example, you could help him by improving his Website if you got the skills. Or, even easier, offer to give him a testimonial for his shop. 

And if you want to go the extra mile: offer him a video or picture that goes with your testimonial for his social media accounts. There are many things you can do.

Just remember: don’t be a fake. If you don’t click with a person, there’s no need to force yourself to befriend him. Only do this when you think you might enjoy hanging out with that person. 

Once you helped him, you need to transition the conversation towards women and dating.


Just say something like: “It’s really hard to get to know new people nowadays…”.

Don’t mention women. Just let the conversation naturally evolve because you’ll end up talking about girls anyway. And once this happens, he’ll offer his help to you.

(Note: it’s important to let the idea of helping you come from himself. Don’t force it!) 

Definitely give this approach a try when you can. You’ll be amazed. I promise. 

P.S. Do I need to tell you that gay (night) clubs are great for this too?

But this might not be for everyone.

In this case, how about the next option.

2. Joining groups and classes (not what you think)

Where to meet women – 2. Joining groups and classes


I know there are a lot of articles out there that tell you to join yoga classes or other activities that are flooded by women. 

I’m here to tell you: Don’t do that!

Instead, visit a class or join a group you‘d also visit during your free time. Because otherwise, the only thing you’ll get out of it is the resistance of “having to go there”. 

And I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not rip my pants and squeeze my balls trying to do the splits just to get to know a woman or two after a painful Yoga class.  

So here’s what you can do:

Go on Facebook or meetup.com and look for groups that suit your interests. For example, when I was traveling, I used to join hiking trips on meetup.com. I basically combined sightseeing, working out, and meeting women at the same time. Talk about efficiency. 

But there are many other great options. You could go to public speaking events, photography clubs or even join a local cooking group. The options are endless.

As long it’s something you enjoy, just try.

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3. Approach girls in the streets 

Where to meet women – 3. Approach girls in the streets

This is usually the hardest for most guys.

But also the most rewarding.

Over the last decade of talking to women myself, as well as teaching other guys how to do the same, I discovered a simple process to talk to women in any situation. 

If there‘s one single mistake that guys repeatedly do that kills their success when approaching women, it‘s this:

They‘re trying to hide their nervousness and try to brag or appear overly confident. That‘s especially true for shy guys. 

Let‘s take a look at how you should do it instead (and understand the reason why behind it). 

Here’s what a good opening consists of: 

Step #1: Turn off her autopilot

Her first response is to ignore all strangers.

So make sure you’re not a threat to her.

In other words: Make it clear that you’re not a creep or looking for a few pennies for a shot of vodka.

Step #2: Admit the things that are holding you back

Share your thoughts or feelings, especially those holding you back.

Sharing feelings as a man?

You’ll be surprised by what happens once you apply this in real life. It’s not all about the logic, son. Dating is emotional.

Step #3: Make your intentions clear

“What do you want?”

It’s the underlying questions she’s asking herself when you approach her. So give her the simple answer because you like her.

A reason why does not only help you sell more on eBay. Apparently, it also works wonders to build instant trust when hitting on strangers.

Step #4: Introduce yourself

Finish it off by telling her your name. 

Now, let‘s put those 4 steps together and see how this could look like in action: 

Hey, I know it feels weird to talk to a stranger [Step 1], and I’m really nervous right now [Step 2], but I think you look really cute, and I’d like to get to know you [Step 3]. Hi, my name isWhat’s yours? [Step 4]“ 

Most guys would believe this would make them look weak… or, in layman’s terms: look like a pu**y. Even though it‘s the same technique, movies use to make you feel attached to the main character. 

I cannot stress enough how effective this is compared to memorized pickup lines or other tricks especially if you‘re shy, feel nervous, or just aren‘t that experienced doing this. 

Just think about it for a second: 

What makes you sympathize with the main character during a movie or series? 

There is a reason why most stories begin by showing you the daily struggles, the pain, and all the hardships the main character goes through. It sets the foundation for you to actually care about what happens during the rest of the movie to the main character. It’s relatable. 

So how does this apply to dating?

Guess what, if you approach women, they feel nervous just like you do.

And if you openly share with her that you feel nervous, it helps her relate to you immediately.

All of a sudden, you’re not just a weirdo trying to hit on her. 

No, you’re now a human being with feelings, just like her. And you both share the same feeling, which makes you equal. And this, my friend, makes the whole approach much, much easier afterward. 

Can you see the power behind that?

The difference it makes compared to hiding your true emotions when using pickup lines to look smart and fearless?

Just like in a movie, you set up the perfect start to move forward. It‘s one of the biggest advantages of this type of approach and the reason why I‘m teaching it to my private clients. 

Now, let‘s go one step further: 

How can you approach women in various different types of situations? 

More often than not, the woman you want to approach won‘t be standing alone, waiting for you to say hi.

Here‘s how you can tweak the above conversation starter to different situations you might face:

4. Approaching a group of 2 girls

Where to meet women – 4. Approaching a group of 2 girls

Once you approach them using the conversation starter you just learned, look at her friend and say: 

“Do you mind if I talk to your friend for a second?“  

By doing this, you show social intelligence and don’t just neglect her friend. Plus, if she agrees, you avoid her friend ruining your conversation afterward. 

5. Approaching a group with one or more guys

Where to meet women – 5. Approaching a group with one or more guys

It‘s simple: stroke a man’s ego, and he will move mountains for you. 

If you want to talk to a woman who’s surrounded by guys, talk to the guys first by simply tweaking the conversation starter to something like: 

“Hey, I’m a bit nervous and afraid you’ll punch me in my face, but I’d give all my money to learn how you got a girl like that.” 

Saying this means you assume it’s his girlfriend, which will stroke his ego. The funny thing is, the woman will almost always deny that they are together. If that happens, you can keep going. 

What if it’s his girlfriend?

Well, you might get a tip or two.

6. Approaching a woman with her dad 

Where to meet women – 6. Approaching a woman with her dad

You cannot fool her dad. 

He knows exactly what you’re after. They can read your dirty thoughts in real-time as you look at his daughter. 

If you want to get past her dad, you need to show him respect first. 


It’s actually similar to the opener for a group with guys:

“Sir, I don’t want to sound disrespectful or get hit in the face, but I think your daughter is incredibly cute, and I’d like to get to know her.“

7. Approaching a woman with her mother

Where to meet women – 7. Approaching a woman with her mother

This can’t go wrong.

A mother will always be your best winggirl if you do it right. Don’t believe me? Try this: 

“Excuse me, I hope you don’t mind if I talk to your sister…“

And then just complete the sentence using the conversation starter. 

For more on starting a conversation, also read: How to approach a woman naturally without fear of rejection.


8. Approaching girls in a coffee place, shop, library, park, etc.

Where to meet women – 8. Approaching girls in a coffee place, shop, library, park, etc.

We just learned about the perfect conversation starter and the reasons behind it. 

The great news: the same principles apply pretty much anywhere you go. That’s the beauty of this type of opener. 

The only difference is that now we’re dealing with a more relaxed environment. This means you’ll have more time as most women won’t be rushing towards work or appointments.  

So if you want to, you could just go up to a girl and say:

“Hey, I know you’re enjoying your coffee, and I don’t really know what to say, but I think you’re really cute, so I wanted to say hi.”

But if you want to get a little fancier and push your comfort zone, how about this: 

Next time you’re in a library, go up to a girl, smack a book on her table, and say: 

“Pssst, not so loud. We’re supposed to be quiet in here.” 

Yep, this works. 

One of my friends used a similar approach to get the number of a girl in a restaurant. For context: she was sitting at a table with 5 of her female friends.

His solution?

Since he was too nervous to just go up to her and talk to the whole group, he took a tissue and a pen and wrote the following text on it:

“Will you make me something to eat?

Yes / No / Maybe? – send the answer to [his phone number].”

A few days later, he got a message from the girl saying:

“Hey, it’s me from [name of the restaurant]. How are you? :)”  

9. Buses, trams, and planes

Where to meet women – 9. Buses, trams, and planes

Approaching women in public transport is probably one of the scariest things you can do. 

If you talk to a woman, all eyes will be on you. 

Everyone will be listening. 

And if you get rejected, there is no way to escape. 

You’ll have to stay and wait there until you can get out at the next stop. That’s why most men hesitate to talk to a woman in this kind of scenario. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Of course, you could just go up to her and use the same conversation starter we already talked about. But you don’t have to be that bold if you don’t want to.

Let me show you an alternative way if talking to her directly feels too intimidating. 

A more under-the-radar kind of way. For example, you could just say to her:

“Sorry, can you help me?”

And then, after you got her attention, take out your smartphone, and show her a text message you previously have written down in your notes app:

“I didn’t want to make a big fuss in front of everyone, but I think you’re cute. Hi, I’m [name].” 

Or alternatively:

“Stay calm… everyone is looking at us, and I don’t want to make a big fuss… but I think you’re cute. What’s your name?”

This could easily turn into a game where both of you keep answering with text messages on your and her phone. 

Regardless of whether you want to try the direct or indirect type of approach, this might take a bit of skill to get right. Especially in this kind of scenario, it’s extremely important to keep a friendly vibe. 

But that’s why you should share your thoughts/feelings, remember?

Make yourself relatable, and the rest will be easier.

10. Approaching girls at work + waitresses

Where to meet women – 10. Approaching girls at work + waitresses


We’ve probably all been there. Having this one girl at work, thinking of ways to get to know her better, to even flirt with her. But then there’s always the question of HOW?!

Why do I put waitresses in here as well?

Because both situations are similar.

In both scenarios, the woman is being seen by her co-workers. And they might not have much time to talk with you. If not handled properly, she might be judged negatively by the people around you, making it almost impossible for you to progress any further. 

Plus, if you talk to a waitress in front of your friends, it will just come across as if you trying to brag.

But I’m stoked to tell you: there’s still a way. 

If you do this right, the woman you talk to will see that your social intelligence is beyond Stephen Hawkings IQ, which will make it easier for her to trust you. 

Here’s what you can do:

Before you approach her, write down a note on your smartphone: “Hey, you’re really cute, and I’d like to get to know you better. What’s your WhatsApp number?”

Armed with your note, go up to her and say, “Excuse me, can you help me? I’m not sure if this is correct?”

And show her your note. 

The reason why it’s good: it will look like you’re only asking for help to all the people around you. Plus, after she typed her number into your note, you can say something like: “Thanks, this is really helpful.”

So even her typing on your phone won’t look suspicious to others. 

(Sidenote: It can be easier to ask for her Instagram, as most women feel more comfortable giving it out over their phone number if they just met you.)

As you can see, none of this is about memorizing lines but rather about about understanding principles. This will make you stand out and not sound like all the other guys and coaches who just copy each other. 

And neither should you be copying me. But as long as you apply the principles, you’re free to use it however you want and add your own style and personality.

This will help you sound way more natural than any forced pickup line ever will.

Your Efficient Dating Advisor,

Herman The German

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