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How to make a woman fall in love with you – 4 Proven ways to make her crazy about you

How to make a woman fall in love with you – 4 Proven ways to make her crazy about you

Most people believe you can’t decide who you fall in love with. But the truth is falling in love is a process you can influence – if you understand the psychology behind it. Discover how you can get her to love you…

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How to make a woman fall in love with you – 4 Proven ways to make her crazy about you

There is countless advice on how to make a woman fall in love with you

“Be confident.”

“Have important goals in life.”

“Just be yourself. “

“Treat her nicely.”

“Listen to her.”

“Give compliments. “

“Make her laugh.”

Blah, blah, blah… The list goes on and on.

Honestly, if you‘ve looked up how to make a girl fall in love with you, you’ve probably read or heard some or all of these ‘tips‘ above… And yet, none of these tips feel helpful or eye-opening in giving you a real understanding of how love works and what you should do. 

While there is some truth to all these things above, let’s be real… It’s not like you don’t have any goals in life or don’t try to have a good time with the girl you like…

And yes… you could work on yourself first and improve in several in your life… but why should you wait?

Why not work on your life and improve while having the girl of your choice next to you? Sounds way more fun if you ask me. Don’t you think so, too?

So in this post, you’ll learn the most powerful ways I know how to make a woman fall in love with you and forget about all the other guys. 

The best part: it doesn’t even take years or many months to make her fall in love with you… as long as you do it correctly. Let‘s start by defining what love is…

Table of Contents

What is true love?

If you want her to fall in love with you, you must first understand what true love is. It’s pretty hard to achieve a goal if you can’t properly define it, right? 

So let’s ask ourselves a question that countless poets and musicians have asked themselves already: What is love?

According to the Webster dictionary, love is attraction based on sexual desire: affection and tenderness felt by lovers. It’s a good start in defining what love is. If you both don’t feel sexual desire for each other, you will never get out of the friend zone.  

But feeling sexual attraction for one another is not enough to make girls fall in love with you. Otherwise, every woman would be a slave to her hormones and marry her one-night stands or high school boyfriend.

There has to be something else that makes a woman fall in love with you. And I found the answer by talking to my own clients who are in happy and loving long-term relationships.

My client Nadira together with his wife, Jessica. Clients like him helped me figure out what true love is.

The woman needs to feel like you know everything about her, and she can be her true self with you. In other words, she doesn’t need to wear a mask whenever she’s with you. You appreciate and respect her strengths, plus you accept her weaknesses and flaws. 

And this applies vice versa. You can be authentic around her without needing to always be the best version of yourself. There are simply no secrets between you two. And because of that, you share a deep connection with each other.  

And last but not least, you simply need time and effort. Psychology studies have shown the more time and effort you both spend in your relationship, the more you’ll grow fond of each other. That’s why breakups suck so bad after a long-term relationship because you already invested so much. Now, if you combine those three elements:

  1. Deep Connection= She cares about you as a person
  2. Sexual Attraction= She wants you as a man
  3. Time + Effort = She can’t imagine being without you 

That’s when you get the ultimate equation for true love.

Deep Connection + Sexual Attraction + Time And Effort = True Love 

She’ll forget about all the other guys, and you’ll basically become her only logical choice if you follow this formula. And this is not only my opinion but has been backed up by NeuroscienceYou see, our brain is divided into three parts:

We don’t have just one brain, but we have three of them: an emotional, logical, and reptile brain.

Sexual Attraction satisfies her primal brain. The part of the brain that is concerned with survival and reproduction. A deep connection satisfies her logical brain. As she can logically explain to other women what she loves about you as a person. Time and effort satisfy her emotional brain. Because she’s now more invested in you emotionally and is, therefore, afraid to lose you.

As you can see, contrary to popular belief, love isn’t a matter of the heart but of the brain. Now that we have a definition of true love let‘s look at the 4 main components you need to focus on to make women fall in love with you… no matter what situation you‘re in or whether you‘re just texting or meeting up with her. 

Top 4 ways to make a girl fall deeply in love with you

1. Don’t pressure her

Putting pressure on a woman will not make her fall in love with you.

Most guys tend to get overly invested in a girl they really like, especially if the woman is beautiful. Which often results in them trying to ‘force’ a relationship.

This could be by either calling or texting her multiple times a day… Confronting her with your feelings and expecting an immediate answer from her… Or, if you want to go straight for the overkill, tattooing her name on a body part of your choice to prove how ‘serious’ you are. Don’t ever do that. 

Because the truth is, all these things do the opposite. They drive her away from you… they make you less attractive and look needy like you have no life. And women hate that. 

Instead, think about it as talking to your friends. You share things you’re excited or interested about… or think are funny with them. Like sending a picture of that big fat burger you shamelessly ate last night without her. And then tell her something like: “You need to try this burger! Best one I have had so far. Let’s go together next time.” 

It’s totally ok to do this with women… especially since communicating this way you’re just being authentic and letting her know about the things you feel excited or passionate about. 

You’re giving her a sense of what it’s like to be with you. The real you. And that’s what love should be about, right? Just be aware to not give her all your time and focus, and you’ll be much better off than most other guys who are desperately trying to fight for her attention.

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2. Create sexual attraction


The foundation of any romantic relationship is that you and she must be attracted to one another. Otherwise, you are just friends. And to make her feel sexual attraction towards you, you need to first create sexual tensionMainly by understanding and applying what I call Attraction Amplifiers. Examples are:

  • Maintaining eye contact while talking to her

  • Speaking slowly

  • Letting her talk without interrupting her
  • And many more…

3. Create a deep connection


If you think all you need to do is make a girl laugh or impress her, think again. While there are ways to impress a woman, it’s not what will make her fall in love with you madly. Neither will the best jokes. She’s looking for a soulmate and not a comedian. It basically comes down to this:

As I mentioned to you earlier, sexual attraction triggers her reptile brain. The part of the brain responsible for our most primal urges. 

But that’s not enough. She has to logically justify why she feels this level of attraction to you. Her Neo Cortex, the logical brain, has to come up with logical reasons why she feels this desire for you. You can help her justify them by creating a deep connection.

Creating a deep connection (emotional intimacy) means giving her the feeling that you truly understand her. And to make her feel that she genuinely understands you. Just like my client did here with his new girlfriend:

A woman wants to feel that you really get her, and she can be completely herself around you. So she doesn’t need to be afraid to act vulnerable around you.

You can create different levels of connections (which I cover inside my Efficient Dating Course). The more levels you combine, the deeper the connection between you and her.

To get you started, one of the best ways to connect is to find out why she does a certain thing, i.e., a hobby or job. So the next time you’re talking or texting with her, and she tells you that she likes to hike, don’t just say, “Oh, that’s cool. I also like Hiking.”

Instead, ask her what she enjoys about hiking that makes it so pleasant for her. This will give you a much better understanding of her motivations and personality… as well as get her more comfortable opening up to you during the conversation to create that real chemistry between the two of you. So if you wondered about things to say to make a girl fall in love with you, now you have a starting point. 

4. Be consistent


Once you’ve created a sexual attraction and a deep connection with her… all that’s left is to just spend time with her and create experiences together. 

Because that’s what a relationship is all about, isn’t it? Spending time with the person, you care about the most and creating memorable experiences together. You don’t need to be a dating coach to know that. 

So just keep dating her, create memories of intimate moments together, and act as if you’d be in a relationship already. There is nothing different you need to do. The only real difference between a relationship and casual dating is the decision and the commitment to exclusively date each other at this point.

And the only thing left for you to do is initiate the relationship, if not already initiated by her. 

Now, we’re living in a digital world. Probably the next woman you meet will likely be through online dating. So if you have asked yourself how to make a woman fall in love with you madly over text, read closely because here’s the answer to that question…  

How to make a woman fall in love with you online

1. Set up a dating profile that sparks a woman’s interest

Some girls will contact you first if you have a well-crafted profile.

It all starts with your dating profile. It needs to be set up in such a way that makes her curious about you. And would show her how it would be like to date you. Your profile has to create sexual tension for you. Because in online dating, you can’t use body language, voice tonality, and eye contact to build sexual tension. 

If you have done an excellent job on your profile, then some women will start texting you first, like in the example above. So you don’t have to be always the one initiating the conversation. Check out my free article here if you want to learn how to get more matches on Tinder.

2. Set the foundation for true love in the first message

As we already mentioned, besides sexual attraction, a woman needs to feel a deep connection to be genuinely in love with you. 

Therefore you need to send her a first message that sets the stage to create such a deep connection. Besides, a good first message will immediately set you apart from all the other guys online. So she’ll reply and keep replying to you while ignoring the other guys. 

Here’s an example from a French client of mine to show you the effect a good first message can have on her:

You can get some women to open up to you immediately with the right first message.

Would you like me to show you how to break the ice on Tinder? Then check out my article on how to start a conversation on Tinder

4. Create a deep connection online 

Most guys make the mistake of never getting past the small talk level while texting. But you need to create a deep connection with her online just the way you would if you met her in real life. 

Your job is to make her feel that you’re genuinely interested in her so she can open up to you about anything with no judgment whatsoever. Girls love to have a deep and meaningful text conversation with you. 

A deep conversation is about how to make a girl think about you online before meeting you. And for that, you need to share certain details about your own life. Here’s what happens once you established a deep emotional connection:

Girls will trust you once you establish a deep connection with them.

Follow those three steps to make a girl fall in love with you through texting. I was thinking about if I should finish the article at this point, but I decided against it. Because you still need to learn how a woman expresses her love. Otherwise, you’ll never know for sure if she’s actually in love with you or not. 

How a woman expresses love 

Dr. Gary Chapman, a couple therapist from the US, figured out that every man and woman has a different way of expressing their love. This ultimately can lead to conflict because you assume that everyone expresses love the same way as you do. And if she doesn’t, it means she isn’t into you. 

But the truth is there are 5 love languages, and you’ll spare yourself a lot of conflict and anger by understanding all of them. As your potential partner might express their love differently than you. Here’s a quick overview of the 5 love languages:

The five love languages show how people express their love for one another.

Most women tend to express love either through words or physical touch. But especially introverted girls instead express their love through making quality time for you. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about the 5 love languages. Then I recommend you to get Gary Chapman’s book on amazon. 

Your Efficient Dating Advisor,

Herman The German


Guten Tag, I’m Herman the German, original inventor of the Efficient Dating Systems Made in Germany.

I help smart, single men finally get and keep the girl they really want.

Using my background as a Frankfurt-trained financial engineer, I went on a quest to find dating patterns that truly work – my friends asked me to use my cold analytical skills to help them notice recurring patterns in their dating life.

This has been my single obsession since 2012.

Throughout my decade-long research, I was interviewed by German media, curious to know what I’d identified. And I was invited on many occasions to talk on stage as a guest expert – although I prefer the term life-long learner as I keep discovering new principles and techniques in my private practice.

As an introduction to my systems, I’m offering you to try my proven conversation starter template to make almost any woman interested in you, at no cost.

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